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Power Allocation for Uplink Multiband Satellite Communications with Nonlinear Impairments

Arthur Louchart , Philippe Ciblat , Charly Poulliat
IEEE Communications Letters, 2021, 25 (8), pp.2713-2717. ⟨10.1109/LCOMM.2021.3087408⟩
Journal articles hal-03259427v1
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L'aiguille de Buffon, encore et encore

Karim Zayana , Ivan Boyer
Au fil des maths, 2023
Journal articles hal-04215433v1
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Karim Zayana , Régis Queruel , Pierre Michalak
Quadrature, 2023, 129
Journal articles hal-04187614v1
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Nouvelles technologies de réception cohérente pour la mesure et le contrôle des paramètres physiques de transmission sur fibres optiques

Alix May
Optique / photonique. Institut Polytechnique de Paris, 2023. Français. ⟨NNT : 2023IPPAT013⟩
Theses tel-04188312v1

Information theory as a unifying tool for understanding and designing human-computer interaction

Olivier Rioul
7th International Conference on Computer, Software and Modeling (ICCSM 2023), Jul 2023, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-04166118v1
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Channel Model of a Ground to Satellite Optical Link Pre-compensated by Adaptive Optics

Perrine Lognoné , Jean-Marc Conan , Laurie Paillier , Nicolas Védrenne , Ghaya Rekaya
Advanced Photonics Congress, Jul 2022, Maastricht, Netherlands. ⟨10.1364/SPPCOM.2022.SpTu3G.3⟩
Conference papers hal-04164975v1
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Improved alpha-information bounds for higher-order masked cryptographic implementations,

Yi Liu , Julien Béguinot , Wei Cheng , Sylvain Guilley , Loïc Masure , et al.
IEEE Information Theory Workshop (ITW 2023), IEEE, Apr 2023, Saint Malo, France
Conference papers hal-04136985v1
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Be my guesses: The interplay between side-channel leakage metrics

Julien Béguinot , Wei Cheng , Sylvain Guilley , Olivier Rioul
Microprocessors and Microsystems: Embedded Hardware Design , In press
Journal articles hal-04136994v1
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Calcul sans peine

Olivier Rioul
Au Fil des Maths, Bulletin de l'APMEP, 2023
Other publications hal-04137036v1
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A historical perspective on Schützenberger-Pinsker inequalities

Olivier Rioul
6th International Conference on Geometric Science of Information (GSI 2023), Aug 2023, Saint Malo, France
Conference papers hal-04136990v1
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Reliability of ring oscillator PUFs with reduced helper data

Julien Béguinot , Wei Cheng , Jean-Luc Danger , Sylvain Guilley , Olivier Rioul , et al.
18th International Workshop on Security (IWSEC 2023), Aug 2023, Yokohama, Japan
Conference papers hal-04136988v1
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Maximal leakage of masked implementations using Mrs. Gerber's lemma for min-entropy

Julien Béguinot , Yi Liu , Olivier Rioul , Wei Cheng , Sylvain Guilley
IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT 2023), IEEE, Jun 2023, Taipei, Taiwan
Conference papers hal-04136987v1
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The interplay between error, total variation, alpha-entropy and guessing: Fano and Pinsker direct and reverse inequalities

Olivier Rioul
Entropy, 2023, 25 (7), pp.978
Journal articles hal-04136992v1
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Cardinal, mais qu’est-ce donc cette diablerie ?

Olivier Rioul , Victor Rabiet
Scientific blog post hal-04153823v1
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All you ever wanted to know about side-channel attacks and protections

Sylvain Guilley , Olivier Rioul
15e Forum International de la Cybersécurité (FIC 2023), Apr 2023, Lille, France
Conference papers hal-04136983v1
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Removing the Field Size Loss from Duc et al.’s Conjectured Bound for Masked Encodings

Julien Béguinot , Wei Cheng , Sylvain Guilley , Yi Liu , Loïc Masure , et al.
14th International Workshop on Constructive Side-Channel Analysis and Secure Design (COSADE 2023), Apr 2023, Munich, Germany. pp.86-104, ⟨10.1007/978-3-031-29497-6_5⟩
Conference papers hal-04136982v1
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A Nearly Tight Proof of Duc et al.’s Conjectured Security Bound for Masked Implementations

Loïc Masure , Olivier Rioul , François-Xavier Standaert
21st Smart Card Research and Advanced Application Conference (CARDIS 2022), Nov 2022, Birmingham, United Kingdom. pp.69-81, ⟨10.1007/978-3-031-25319-5_4⟩
Conference papers hal-04136980v1
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« La connaissance réduit l'incertitude » : un théorème ?

Olivier Rioul
5e Nuit de l’ENS, 2022
Other publications hal-04136979v1

All you ever wanted to know about side-channel attacks and protections (and a forthcoming book)

Wei Cheng , Sylvain Guilley , Olivier Rioul
4th Free Silicon Conference (FSiC 2023), Jul 2023, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-04153811v1
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Some power allocation algorithms for cognitive uplink satellite systems

Arthur Louchart , Ehsan Tohidi , David Gesbert , Philippe Ciblat , Eva Lagunas , et al.
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2023, 2023: 32, pp.1-30. ⟨10.1186/s13638-023-02234-7⟩
Journal articles hal-04086275v1

A generic information-theoretic framework for evaluating the side-channel security of masked implementations

Olivier Rioul , Julien Béguinot , Yi Liu , Wei Cheng , Sylvain Guilley
19th International Workshop on Cryptographic Architectures Embedded in Logic Devices (CryptArchi 2023), Jun 2023, Cantabria, Spain
Conference papers hal-04136986v1

Side-Channel Security. How Much Are You Secure? Mrs. Gerber’s Lemma and Majorization

Julien Béguinot , Olivier Rioul , Sylvain Guilley , Wei Cheng , Yi Liu
Colloque de l'Institut Mines-Télécom, Risques & Cyber : Sécurité et Résilience, Apr 2023, Palaiseau, France
Conference poster hal-04136984v1

The role of Mrs. Gerber's lemma for evaluating the information leakage of masked computations

Olivier Rioul
IEEE Information Theory and Applications Workshop (ITA 2023), IEEE, Feb 2023, San Diego, United States
Conference papers hal-04136981v1

Alpha-capacity of communication channels with feedback: Theoretical overview

Olivier Rioul
Huawei’s Strategy and Technology Workshop (STW 2022), Huawei, Sep 2022, Shenzhen, China
Conference papers hal-04136978v1

Estimation paramétrique

Olivier Rioul
Spartacus IDH. pp.154, 2022, 978-2-36693-120-4
Books hal-04135725v1

Devices and methods for low power adaptive channel sensing

Aslan Tchamkerten , Chadi Jabbour , Manuj Mukherjee
France, Patent n° : US20230030851A1. 2023
Patents hal-04102366v1

Method for transient change detection with adaptive sampling, and detector implementing the method

Aslan Tchamkerten , Venkat Chandar
France, Patent n° : US10116434B2. 2018
Patents hal-04102356v1

Data Compression with Private Local Decodability

Aslan Tchamkerten , Shashank Vatedka , Venkat Chandar
IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, Jun 2023, Taipeh, Taiwan
Conference papers hal-04102346v1

Feedback Increases the Capacity of Queues with Finite Support Service Times

Aslan Tchamkerten , K. R. Sahasranand
IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, Jun 2023, Taipeh, Taiwan
Conference papers hal-04102321v1

Locally Decodable Slepian-Wolf Compression

Shashank Vatedka , Venkat Chandar , Aslan Tchamkerten
2022 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), Jun 2022, Espoo, Finland. pp.1430-1435, ⟨10.1109/ISIT50566.2022.9834371⟩
Conference papers hal-04102311v1