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Synthesis of a new diaazacrown ether compound interconnected with an azacrown ether and decorated with a long lipophilic chain.

Jérémy Dhainaut , Alban Chappaz , Didier Bernard , Hélène Chaumeil , T. Jean Daou , et al.
Synthetic Communications, 2014, 44 (13), pp.1888-1892. ⟨10.1080/00397911.2013.875211⟩
Journal articles hal-01068778v1

Characterisation of a Commercial Automotive NH3-SCR Copper-Zeolite Catalyst

Charlotte Kieffer , Jacques Lavy , Eric Jeudy , Nicolas Bats , Gerard Delahay
Topics in Catalysis, 2013, 56, pp.40 - 44. ⟨10.1007/s11244-013-9926-3⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00820647v1

Multidimensional Disorder in Zeolite IM-18 Revealed by Combining Transmission Electron Microscopy and X-ray Powder Diffraction Analyses

Magdalena Cichocka , Yannick Lorgouilloux , Stef Smeets , Jie Su , Wei Wan , et al.
Crystal Growth & Design, 2018, 18 (4), pp.2441-2451. ⟨10.1021/acs.cgd.8b00078⟩
Journal articles hal-01989392v1

Adsorption of CO2, CH4, and N2 on Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks: Experiments and Simulations

Javier Pérez-Pellitero , Hedi Amrouche , Flor r. Siperstein , Gerhard Pirngruber , Carlos Nieto-Draghi , et al.
Chemistry - A European Journal, 2010, 16 (5), pp.1560-1571. ⟨10.1002/chem.200902144⟩
Journal articles istex hal-03161220v1

Formation domain of SDA-free Y faujasite small crystals

Maeva Borel , Mathias Dodin , Jean T. Daou , Nicolas Bats , Joël Patarin
New Journal of Chemistry, 2017, 41 (22), pp.13260 - 13267. ⟨10.1039/C7NJ02200J⟩
Journal articles hal-01702721v1
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Hollow polycrystalline Y zeolite shells obtained from selective desilication of Beta-Y core-shell composites

C. Pagis , Alban Guesdon Vennerie , Ana Rita Morgado Prates , Nicolas Bats , A. Tuel , et al.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2018, 265, pp.123-131. ⟨10.1016/j.micromeso.2018.02.012⟩
Journal articles hal-01839921v1

SDA-Free Hydrothermal Synthesis of High-Silica Ultra-nanosized Zeolite Y

Maeva Borel , Mathias Dodin , T. Jean Daou , Nicolas Bats , Bogdan Harbuzaru , et al.
Crystal Growth & Design, 2017, 17 (3), pp.1173 - 1179. ⟨10.1021/acs.cgd.6b01564⟩
Journal articles hal-01760732v1
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The Use of Original Structure-Directing Agents for the Synthesis of EMC-1 Zeolite

T. J. Daou , J Dhainaut , A Chappaz , Nicolas Bats , B Harbuzaru , et al.
Oil & Gas Science and Technology - Revue d'IFP Energies nouvelles, 2015, 70 (3), pp.447-454. ⟨10.2516/ogst/2014030⟩
Journal articles hal-01176569v1
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High-silica hollow Y zeolite by selective desilication of dealuminated NaY crystals in the presence of protective Al species

Céline Pagis , Ana Rita Prates , Nicolas Bats , Alain Tuel , David Farrusseng
CrystEngComm, 2018, 20 (11), pp.1564-1572. ⟨10.1039/c8ce00121a⟩
Journal articles hal-01760896v1

Impact of extreme downsizing of *BEA-type zeolite crystals on n-hexadecane hydroisomerization

A. Astafan , Yannick Pouilloux , Joel Patarin , Nicolas Bats , Christophe Bouchy , et al.
Journal of Chemistry , 2016, 40, pp.4335-4343. ⟨10.1039/c5nj02837j⟩
Journal articles hal-01428824v1

IM-17: a new zeolitic material, synthesis and structure elucidation from electron diffraction ADT data and Rietveld analysis.

Yannick Lorgouilloux , Mathias Daudin , Enrico Mugnaioli , Claire Marichal , Philippe Caullet , et al.
RSC Advances, 2014, 4 (37), pp.19440-19449. ⟨10.1039/c4ra01383b⟩
Journal articles hal-01027505v1
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Hollow Beta Zeolite Single Crystals for the Design of Selective Catalysts

A. Prates , C. Pagis , Frédéric Meunier , L. Burel , T. Epicier , et al.
Crystal Growth & Design, 2018, 18 (2), pp.592-596. ⟨10.1021/acs.cgd.7b01635⟩
Journal articles hal-01719800v1

Particular properties of the coke formed on nano-sponge *BEA zeolite during ethanol-to-hydrocarbons transformation

A. Astafan , M. A. Benghalem , Yannick Pouilloux , J. Patarin , Nicolas Bats , et al.
Journal of Catalysis, 2016, 336, pp.1-10. ⟨10.1016/j.jcat.2016.01.002⟩
Journal articles hal-01338185v1
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Facile synthesis of an ultramicroporous MOF tubular membrane with selectivity towards CO(2)

Sonia Aguado , Charles-Henri Nicolas , Virginie Moizan-Baslé , Carlos Nieto , Hedi Amrouche , et al.
New Journal of Chemistry, 2011, 35 (1), pp.41-44. ⟨10.1039/C0NJ00667J⟩
Journal articles hal-00825608v1

IM-19: a new flexible microporous gallium based-MOF framework with pressure- and temperature-dependent openings

Gérald Chaplais , Angélique Simon-Masseron , Florence Porcher , Claude Lecomte , Delphine Bazer-Bachi , et al.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2009, 11 (26), pp.5241-5245. ⟨10.1039/b822163d⟩
Journal articles hal-03161212v1